I just MC’d my first session of Monsterhearts yesterday and it was awesome! We all had lots of fun and I highly recommend the game. It was also the most fun group prep work / character building stage we’ve ever had. Making the home room was lots of fun and set up lots of triangles and messy relationships between PCs and NPCs.

One of the Principles of MCing Monsterhearts is to ‘Ask provocative questions and build on the answers’. Joe Mcdaldno, the author, has given some great examples in the text of reasons for asking provocative questions. As soon as I read them I thought it’d be handy if they were pulled out onto a reference card to prompt me during play.

I made this quick reference card, and seeing as it now exists, I thought I may as well upload it for fellow MCs. I’ve included three versions: one sparse, clean one with just the question prompts, a second one with the example questions from the text, and a third that’s just a copy of both in the same document because why not. Enjoy.


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