Monsterhearts is a story game by Joe Mcdaldno (@mcdaldno) about the messy lives of teenage monsters. Short and sweet version: go here to read about and back this great game; you’ll get some other cool game PDFs too and help an indie developer out.

Not convinced? Interviews with the developer are here and here. Example of play here.

Read on for why I’ve backed the project and why I think you should too.

Monsterhearts is a thorough hack of Apocalypse World’s mechanics but with a different setting exploring the messy, volatile lives of sexy teenage monsters. Joe’s currently funding it on IndieGoGo and there’s 48 hours left until the fundraiser ends. Back the project at any level and you’ll also get PDFs of Joe’s other games: Gun Thief and Perfect, Unrevised (either of which are worth the prices of admission alone). You’ll also get two bonus Skins (characters/playbooks), the Hollow and the Selkie.

Monsterhearts is a sexy, messy, feral game of teenage monster drama and there are some really interesting mechanics and themes at play. You might think sex moves and rolling to turn someone on would be weird at your table. But in the interviews linked above Joe tells you why the mechanics make these things easier (and less uncomfortable) and could in fact even open your players to new avenues of roleplaying. He also talks about the source material, inspiration and why cheesy fiction equals great roleplaying fodder.

In Monsterhearts you play as sexy, broken teenage monsters, like Vampires, Ghosts, Witches and Werewolves. It’s an awesome game for so many reasons, but particularly because teenagers are so volatile and emotional anyway, but when you’re a monster too, things are bound to get crazy.

Mosnterhearts also has some cool new mechanics like Strings, representing the emotional hold over others that you can use to manipulate them; and each Skin has a ‘Darkest Self’ like the werewolf transformation, the witch hexing anyone who slights her at all, and the fae taking everything as a promise – woe to you if you break them.

Monsterhearts has reached the impressive $10,000 mark in funding. If this thing reaches $11,000 Joe will design and release a new Skin called the Angel. Joe says:

The Angel is about dealing with the fact that you’ve been cast out of heaven. Do you work to redeem yourself, or to punish the folly and impurity of those around you? Is it better to do the lord’s work or follow the lord’s rules? Mechanically, the Angel will introduce new thinking about: the significance of highlighted stats, access to moves, alternatives to sex moves

Sounds pretty sweet to me. If this game (or any of the extras) sounds interesting to you, or if you just want to help an indie game developer out, head over to the IndieGoGo page in the next 48 hours, spread the word and back Monsterhearts.

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